to LUTH Schools E-Application Portal for:
School of Medical and Psychiatry Social Work (SMPSW)
Community Health Officers Training School (CHOTS)
Federal School of Biomedical Engineering (FSBE) - ND
School of Health Information Management (SHIM)
School of Anaesthetic Technician (SAT)
School of Post Basic Nursing (SPBN)
School of Midwifery (SOM)
School of Nursing (SON)

Method of Application

(Kindly note that to complete this process, you will likely require a valid debit/credit card)

A. How to Register on Portal:
(1) Visit schools.luth.gov.ng and click register.
(2) Register and pay access fee. During registration, you will be required to choose the school you are applying to.
B. How to log in:
(1) Check your email after registration
(2) Click the link in the email to login to the portal and set your password.
(3) Click “Buy form” to visit the Remita payment page
(4) Make payment to purchase the Application form
C. How to complete Application Form
(1) Click “Fill form“ after paying to Fill and complete the Application Form online
(2) Submit the Application
(3) Check your email to download and print a copy of the completed Application Form
Note: Applicants must print out their completed online generated form. Short listed applicants would be required to present this during Examination.
Closing date: 8th June, 2021 for all Schools except School of Health Information Management, School of Medical/Psychiatry Social Work and Federal School of Biomedical Engineering which close on 31st October, 2021
For Enquiries:
Phone Number: 09081542611